(H1) This is Heading H1 is the Page Title

(H2) This is Heading H2 & is perfect for additional lead-in text

Remember the Headline H1 should be reserved for the most important verbiage on the page, for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

(H3) Heading H3 is Smaller in Emphasis and Priority

The Heading 3 give you another opportunity differentiate the text from the body paragraph.

(H3) Here you will see the Heading H3

Here is paragraph text to better mimic actual content as it will appear on your page sometimes with emphasis and other times bold. Sometimes your content will be linked to another page (this link is a dummy and only displays the style visitors will see with links on the page). This next paragraph of latin will help display line-height and the margin between paragraph text.

Aenean et lorem justo, eu cursus nisi. Aenean tristique vulputate tempus. Pellentesque euismod ullamcorper metus vitae dictum. Nullam sit amet consectetur magna. Quisque et lectus et ante convallis vehicula. Integer eu leo ac lacus imperdiet aliquet. Maecenas mollis quam enim, mattis pulvinar metus. The following unordered list has only lead-in text and no headline preceding it.

  • Aliquam vel faucibus dui
  • Proin quis mi mi
  • Etiam libero sapien, faucibus vitae semper
  • Nunc ultrices lectus ac mauris

(H3) This order list has a Heading H3

  1. Aliquam vel faucibus dui
  2. Proin quis mi mi
  3. Etiam libero sapien, faucibus vitae semper
  4. Nunc ultrices lectus ac mauris

Notice the headline and paragraph text are in proximity to the list items. No extra spacing is required and in fact, adding breaks will separate the list from its lead-in text or headline and the proximity is necessary display their relationship.